ZorOS True USB-stick/HD ver. 3.5 released

In this section the develop tree of a version of ZorOS tools that runs in a mounted USB-stick (or USB-disk). This version uses native Linux filesystem and is more speedy at boot time.

ZorOS True USB-stick/HD ver. 3.5 released

Postby fabius » Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:40 pm

ZorOS True USB-stick/HD ver. 3.5

This is a version of "ZorOS bootable tools" that can be installed to USB-Stick (or to a standard HD).
It use ext2fs and may be installed in second, third, etc. partition of USB-Stick, so preserving first FAT32. It can also be installed as loop file.

In this version: kernel Minimum partition size: 100 MB

To install:
- unpack .bz2
Code: Select all
cd zoros-usb-xx/


Image ZorOS True USB-stick v3.5 download (34.2 MB) MD5SUM: c60a2bfe164a207370c71f87161de48c
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