RemiX Diskless System - The project

In this section: devel info about a Slackware based diskless system

RemiX Diskless System - The project

Postby fabius » Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:37 pm

Since year 2004 I developed Linux diskless systems. Already in the first version, I used a filesystem Slackware based (9.0).
The latest release is RemiX Diskless 3.3, released in year 2007, well implemented also today.

The system is mature, totally automatic with autoconfiguration, and run very speedy

But all versions are localized in Italian, so I will develop a new version, multilanguage now.

To better explain what I said, these are some realizations:

A school laboratory with 4 thin client, Slackware remote desktop

A school laboratory with 22 thin client, W2000 Terminal Server over rdesktop

All systems are reliable and speedy :ugeek:


The latest releases, localized in Italian, are here:

RemiX diskless 3.3 - boot from network (PXE, etherboot)

RemiX thin client 3.3 - local disk (small flash disks, USB-stick)

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Re: RemiX Diskless System - The project

Postby zoros » Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:21 pm

hi all,
pay attention :shock: ... RemiX is now passed at version 4.x (as I wrote in global announce) ... new releases are here, now: ... t#Download ;)

I write this, because, also today, somebody have downloaded the old version 3.3 :D
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