Some examples of scripts that I use to backup a remote server or to synchronize data between two PCs.

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rsync backup/synchronization example

# backup of entire filesystem
#DIR_LIST="/bin /boot /etc /home /lib /lib64 /lost+found /opt /root /sbin /selinux /srv /usr /var"
#  backup main working directories
DIR_LIST="/srv /var /home"
DATE_BACKUP=`date +%y%m%d`
if [ ! -d ./logs ] ; then
 mkdir ./logs
rsync -aloprz --numeric-ids --delete --force --log-file ./logs/rsync-$DATE_BACKUP.log $SERVER_USER:"$DIR_LIST" .

Note: --numeric-ids is an important switch: it ensures that copied files maintains the association between user names and numeric ids (they may vary between Linux distro).

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