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Return a table (5 elements), with date and a text preview (400 chars), without thumbnail; custom style. 2012/01/13
NewsZ Mediawiki extension 1.0 released: this is a true "news aggregator" that browse the subcategories and allows users to create tables with lists of News per Category, limited to n elements with thumbnails preview. New features: news are listed per date, also.  2012/01/08
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If you wish to install the skin used in this wiki (Wolfbane skin, modified by zoros) you can download it here, now. Two skin versions ready to download: classic green and blue/aqua version. Read more ...  2011/01/13
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SimpleTwitter Mediawiki extension: this is a simple extensions to integrate Twitter user timeline in your wiki. It shows last user posts in Twitter.  2011/01/01
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Old NewsZ 0.7.2 Mediawiki extension: allows users to create frames and tables with lists of News per Category, limited to n elements. With thumbnails preview. There is a new version that browse the subcategories and may be a true "news aggregator", now. Search in 'Mediawiki mods' category ...  2010/12/30
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This is a simple idea to get a custom translated sidebar. I don't know how to do it in another way, so I thinked to put a patch in includes/Skin.php. With this patch, the sidebar source pages with translations are accessible at Mediawiki:Sidebar-LANG, where LANG=en,de,it,etc. The patch is tested in 1.15.1. 2010/12/19
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Hide history and pages diff. Once applied this patch, the history of pages will not appear to anonymous users and "Recent changes" page will not show diff links. There are only 2 files to modify. This patch is tested in Mediawiki 1.15.1.  2010/12/19

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