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This script solves some problems in wireless networks that lose connection. It's tested in Slackware 13.37 and 14. It uses wpa_supplicant and works with multiple SSID and multiple IP configuration, checks wifi status every 5 seconds and resets wireless system if not working. 2017/06/19
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Here is a simple but powerful script that finds informations directly from SBo html pages, get sources and slackbuilds, make and install all required dependencies, recursively. 2016/01/21
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Here is a simple .bat script that creates multiple users without password, several user account password protected, add a registry key to map the home directory of accounts to drive D, set static IP and DNS of workstations, set password of administrator account. This script is used to automate school laboratories configuration.  2014/04/17
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Do you have a google apps domain for education and needs to create accounts for all students? Here is a tutorial with GAM (Google Apps Manager). GAM is a command line tool that allows administrators to control their Google Apps domain, manage accounts, groups, and organizations.  2013/12/18
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An example that will explain how to use common Linux programs to recover deleted images from any media support. 2013/02/10
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Some examples of scripts that I use to backup a remote server or to synchronize data between two PCs. draft ... 2012/02/09
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This is a stupid toy that explains inter-process communication (IPC) in KDE, using dcop (Desktop COmmunications Protocol) in KDE3, now replaced with qdbus (dbus-daemon Inter-process Communication‎) in KDE4. 2011/01/12
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A script that uses wget to login/logout at phpbb board. This is only an example of using of wget to validate a login session  2011/01/10
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Usually, to boot Linux we must define a kernel image and a mount point for root "/". At boot time, if kernel not syncing root partition, often we can have a "kernel panic". With ramusb.igz we can avoid this error, because this system performs several tries to mount root partition and, if boot will fail, open a text console. Ramusb.igz can also boot USB stick or other removable ... 2010/12/30
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RemiX diskless can boot from USB stick. If you choice 'SETUP' at boot time, you can also install system to other disks, working in live system. This the install script: 2010/12/23

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