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This is a simple script that can make a bootable USB-stick (or USD-HD) similar at Slackware installation DVD, that may contains also the packages to perform Slackware installation in computers without DVD reader. Download the script 2013/03/17
Seems that, in recent versions of samba, with Konqueror or Dolphin we cannot correctly browse the Windows network, we get only workgroups names but not PCs names. Here is the solution.  2011/05/26
Kde3-trinity 3.5.12 on Slackware 13.1 screenshot-1.png
Someone said that binary packages of KDE3-Trinity (Slackware 12.2 .tgz) can work on Slackware 13.x ... May be a crazy idea, but it is true! It works!  2011/03/03

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