Kde3-trinity 3.5.12 on Slackware 13.1 screenshot-1.png

May be a crazy idea, but ...

Someone said that binary packages of KDE3-Trinity (Slackware 12.2 .tgz) can work on Slackware 13.x ... it is true!

then I've taken from 12.2:


and, of course, all kde-i18n*

run startx ... It works great! ... I would say: Slackware!

Note: the freetype package is the unique critical element, if not downgraded freeze X (and all system).

Other little things:

missing start menu:

replace /etc/kde/* with menus in /etc/kde/* of 12.2
create a symbolic link in /etc/xdg:
menus -> /etc/kde/xdg/menus

perhaps it is too early to tell, but the system Slackware-13.1 <-> Trinity-KDE3.5.12 is very stable, I feel ... I seem to be on Slackware!

Many thanks to Timothy Pearson and KDE3-Trinity developers!

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