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This script solves some problems in wireless networks that lose connection. It's tested in Slackware 13.37 and 14. It uses wpa_supplicant and works with multiple SSID and multiple IP configuration, checks wifi status every 5 seconds and resets wireless system if not working. 2017/06/19
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Here is a simple but powerful script that finds informations directly from SBo html pages, get sources and slackbuilds, make and install all required dependencies, recursively. 2016/01/21
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Here is a simple .bat script that creates multiple users without password, several user account password protected, add a registry key to map the home directory of accounts to drive D, set static IP and DNS of workstations, set password of administrator account. This script is used to automate school laboratories configuration.  2014/04/17
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Do you have a google apps domain for education and needs to create accounts for all students? Here is a tutorial with GAM (Google Apps Manager). GAM is a command line tool that allows administrators to control their Google Apps domain, manage accounts, groups, and organizations.  2013/12/18
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This is a simple script that can make a bootable USB-stick (or USD-HD) similar at Slackware installation DVD, that may contains also the packages to perform Slackware installation in computers without DVD reader. Download the script 2013/03/17
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An example that will explain how to use common Linux programs to recover deleted images from any media support. 2013/02/10
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In this tutorial some practical examples for who have to transfer data and webserver configuration from a dedicated Linux server to a new server. 2012/12/20
This tutorial provides a simple (or almost simple) experience as base for setting up a wireless access point using a PC equiped with an 802.11a or 802.11b/g WiFi card and, of course, Slackware-Linux. 2012/02/02
caption=ZorOS live tools (CD, USB-stick)
ZorOS is a bootable CD/USB that contains a classical set of recovery programs, localized in 7 languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian. It is "all in RAM" system, with dialog box and scripts to automate installations.
  • This ISO is based on 12.2 Slackware (CD or USB-stick bootable tools).
  • Language is choice at boot time. Inside ISO a script to set default language and also extract devel tree (to rebuild a custom system).
caption=RemiX diskless system
RemiX (remote X) diskless is a complete and powerful graphical remote client system.
  • Xserver autoconfiguration and other auto-detection tools
  • possibility of customization of single thin client
  • local resources shared and accessible from desktop client
  • Linux desktop client and Windows desktop clients (multi boot)
  • remote audio (both systems)
  • user client messages localization (English, Italian at this time)
  • automatic install script inside
  • installable also to USB-stick
  • very speedy installation procedures (2 to 4 minutes per client)
  • power-on to login screen time: 15 seconds (typical for 800MHz, 128MB RAM)
  • button power off ACPI

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