RemiX diskless(v4) - thin client version

RemiX(remote X) diskless is a complete and powerful graphical remote client system.
This is the thin client version, suitable to install to ATA-flash disks of most graphical terminals.
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Technical features

Software inside

Common key features

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Linux remote desktop

Windows terminal client



RemiX is a system with full auto-configure but is also customizable. The configuration parameters and other custom files are stored in /custom folder. The system configuration file is "Config". Since the RemiX system is thinked as multi-boot, you can have more Config#N files: first configuration file is Config, second Config2, third Config3, etc. RemiX, by default, is installed with 2 boot entry, so there are 2 files (Config and Config2) in /custom.

Read more about Config file

First configuration

At first reboot Lilo boot screen shows, by default, tree entry: Desktop1, Desktop2, SETUP; boot "SETUP" (password is always mypass) and, at prompt, type "setup".

"setup" is a script that mount thin client HD and open, sequentially, "Config" and "Config2" files; in these files you can set client configuration for Desktop1 and Desktop2.

In thin client version of RemiX you can set a password for FTP service (used for local resources access under Linux desktop). The password will be stored in "/custom" folder at filesystem root of thin client disk. After setup procedure, the thin client disk is mounted in a folder with same name of device.

For example if device is /dev/hda1, the path to configuration area is /hda1/custom/; in this case, to create the password file, type:

echo ":ftp_user:ftp_pass"  > /hda1/etc/ftpasswd

Known bugs

SETUP append vga=normal

and in lilo.conf replace vga=788 with same line:



RemiX(v4) is a full diskless system, but may be also installed to a HD (or mini-HD as an ATA-flash disk)

RemiX installed to HD - HowTo

RemiX(v4) contains a script ( that can install system to thin client HD (ATA flash, etc.), but for first installation there is the problem to boot the client.

No problem: remiXv4 may be installable to USB-stick.

Make a bootable USB-stick to boot thin client (under Linux)

Note: to boot properly USB-stick. Lilo version must be equal or superior to 22.7.

Make a bootable USB-stick to boot thin client (under Windows)

to do ...

Install RemiX to thin client


RemiX is passed now at version 4.xx and is in development. The latest version is 4.0-beta-100930. There are several tarball, usually versions named "thinclient" are suitable to install to thin client HD (ATA-flash, etc.).

Latest versions

Version: 4.0b-100930

RemiX(v4) with via and openchrome driver. Other graphic card are supported by vesa driver (without acceleration).

RemiX(v4) with all xorg drivers and soundcard drivers included. Drivers are default open source drivers, does not include the proprietary drivers provided by nVidia or ATI.

Previous versions (4.0b-100924)



RemiX diskless is released under GPL

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

See GPL licenses GPL

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