W7 and Lilo: how to remove recovery partition without getting msg: "bootmgr is missing"


In past, with XP and W98 installed in dual boot, the W98 filesystem was in C: and XP was in D: and when we tried to remove C: partition we got a "NTLD missing" in XP boot. The solution was to copy the NTLDR file from C: to D: before remove C:

Now many PCs with preinstalled W7 or Vista (netbook and laptop in particular) have a recovery partition that contains a "/Boot" folder, some other files, and a binary file called "bootmgr". This partition is a small size primary partition, marked as "bootable", with an inusual service ID (0x27, 0xDE, etc.), but is formatted as NTFS. This is a separate boot partition, the true system is installed in another partition, always NTFS, but much wider.

If you try to boot the windows partition directly with Lilo you get a "bootmgr is missing" message, and system won't boot, so it seems that the small recovery/boot partition cannot be removed.

But the practice shows that it's sufficient to copy "Boot" folder and "bootmgr" file to the system partition to solve.

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