Wolfbane Mediawiki skin (modified)

Wolfbane skin has a very nice style in my opinion. Unfortunately, this skin seems no more mantained by original author (Stinkfly), so I made a derivated version.

Main key features

New Wolfbane has many modifications respect original one. Here most important changes:


Download latest versions

Mediawiki 1.18 patch

This skin works fine also in mediawiki 1.18, but you must remove this line in wolfbane.php:

<?php print Skin::makeGlobalVariablesScript( $this->data ); ?>

Previous versions


Unpack the .tar.gz in /skins and set in Localsettings.php:

$wgDefaultSkin = 'wolfbane';

Some additional settings

If PHP is installed as CGI (and not as module), add these lines at beginning of Localsettings.php:

ini_set("display_errors", 0);
$wgShowIPinHeader = false;
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